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How to Guide: Getting ready for CityLNKD

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

Before creating a deal in CityLNKD

  1. Decide on deal title, start and expiration date and time of the deal, type of deal (Lighting Deal or Regular Deal), if lighting deal push notification date and time, Picture (1) to be loaded for the deal, redemption limit, and exclusions.

  2. For best results, we suggest you create exclusive deals to drive users to your offerings.

  3. Deal title structure: Good words to use are “Free”, “X% Off” or “$X Off X Service”, start out with telling the customer how much they’re going to save! Example: '$1 off Any footlong' or '25% off Dog Grooming'

  4. If you have a POS system, Program deal in the POS system.

  5. Train your staff on:

a. Exact terms of the CityLNKD deal.

b. Demonstrate how to accept CityLnkd deal. (How to Guide to Accept CityLNKD deal)

c. Prepare your staff for the increased volume of foot traffic and phone calls that will begin the day of your feature.

d. Remind staff that this will be an opportunity to turn all these new customers into regulars and grow the business. They should be treated just like any other customer.


Create new deal on CityLNKD app


When the deal is active on CityLNKD

  1. Ensure staff is correctly accepting the CityLNKD Deal.

  2. Be ready for increased phone calls and increased foot traffic.


If you have any issues, please email

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