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How to Guide: Create New User Account

After download CityLnkd app from iOS or Android app store, Open app.

  1. Select, New User? Sign up here.

  2. Create User Profile:

a. New User Account Screen 1:

i. Enter desired user name for user account

ii. Enter desired password for user account

ii. Enter first name

iv. Enter last name

v. Enter email address

vi. Enter phone number

vii. Enter home zip code

viii. Select Next

b. New User Account Screen 2:

i. Select all interests that apply to you.

ii. Select Create to create business account and agree to CityLnkd's Terms of Use.

After creating your user account, you are now part of the fasting growing community App for exclusive deals!.

If you have any issues, please email support@CityLnkd.com


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