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How to Guide: Create New Business User Account

After download CityLnkd app from iOS or Android app store, Open app.

  1. In the bottom of the login page, select Business Login.

  2. Select, New User? Sign up here.

  3. Create Business Profile:

a. New Business Account Screen 1:

i. Enter desired user name for business account

ii. Enter desired password for business account

ii. Enter business account holder's first name

iv. Enter business account holder's last name

v. Enter business account holder's email address

vi. Select Next

b. New Business Account Screen 2:

i. Enter Business Name

ii. Enter Business Address

iii. Select Business State

iv. Select Business City

v. Enter Business Zip Code

vi. Enter Business Phone Number

vii. Enter Business Website (if unavailable, link to business yelp page or social media page)

viii. Select Business Type

ix. Select Category

x. Select Interests (Multi-select option, Select options that the business caters to, ie. kids, pet-friendly, date night, or N/A)

xi. Select Create to create business account and agree to CityLnkd's Terms of Use.

c. New Business Account Screen 3:

i. Enter Business address in the search bar and click on the map to locate the geographical physical local of the business.

After creating business user account, you are ready to create a deal and connect with your community.

To learn how to create a deal, use the link below to the how to guide for creating a new deal.


If you have any issues, please email support@CityLnkd.com

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