Discovering your Local Business


CityLnkd is Right for your Local Business


Discover Customers

Reach your community and build brand awareness to capture revenue with a local marketing campaign that works for you. 

Reduce Costs

With CityLnkd flat fee, business-friendly pricing you will be able to reduce your marketing costs by 80%. Effectively market to your community without breaking the bank.



Personalized Marketing

Leveraging our next generation location-based technology you can market to the community members interests and your local business offerings. Target market to your community like never before.


Problems We Are Solving



  • Costly pay-per-click and other confusing ineffective marketing formats

  • Expensive local marketing platforms: '70% of businesses lose money on Groupon and only 1% of Groupon users actually become users'

  • Traditional local marketing solutions: 'Traditional Marketing Doesn't Work on Gen Z.'

  • Print media: Wasting money marketing to people who have no interest in your offerings.




CityLnkd Community
$50 Flat Fee per Promotion

Create a deal on CityLnkd platform to reach people in the community and get discovered. 
Deal expires when the redemption limit is reached or on the expiration date that is capped at 2 months.

CityLnkd Lighting
$200 Flat Fee per Promotion

Create push notification promotion to people in the community with selected interests match + Users location radius from your business. 
In addition, includes all CityLnkd Community features.


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