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Discover Local

With CityLnkd app you can easily discover and support local businesses. CityLnkd will help you do your part to enable greater socioeconomic growth within your community. 

Save Money

CityLnkd app will help you save money with local businesses through deals that are offered. You will have an opportunity to support your community without breaking the bank.

Deals you Want

By telling CityLnkd your interests, CityLnkd will personalize your experence by matching local business offerings to your interests.



CityLnkd is a app based local discovery platform. We exist to inspire communities by connecting people to local businesses. CityLnkd is the critical link between local businesses and local consumers. We have a responsibility and duty to protect and promote the future growth and development of local communities.


CityLnkd Values:

  • Build great communities by supporting its socioeconomic factors for growth.

  • Be the helping hand in our community.

  • Live local and support local.

  • Solve problems with the community in mind.

  • Make life fun.

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